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I am Maeda Matsu, wife of Maeda Toshiie, and aunt of that vagabond Keiji. Seeing as how the wayward men of my household have decided to participate in these festivities, I have taken it upon myself to follow them and keep a watchful (but loving!) eye upon them.

It is my sincerest wish that we all enjoy fully one another's company!

Mar 30

It is a good day for a stroll

[The lady of the Maeda house stepped outside, stretched, and gave a content sigh. Today was such a nice day outside—it seemed a waste to stay cooped up indoors, cleaning, when she could be outside and appreciating the colors of the season.

Of course, there was the issue of making sure that she had food set aside for her beloved, Inuchiyo-sama. But Matsu was nothing if not prepared;]

[She had left a plate of food near her lord’s bedside, on the chance that he woke before she returned from her stroll; surely, he would be hungry upon waking—Matsu knew the habits of Inuchiyo-sama’s stomach fairly well.]

Well, today IS such a good day—I wonder if I will see anyone about…

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